Sunday, May 31, 2009

Project Plan

Here's is my moodboard and sitemap



Web Design Project Research & Analysis

This is the screenshot of TheShip restaurant's web site which I am going to redesign in the project












Friday, March 27, 2009

User Testing (Assignment ?)

Since joanne say no talk anything so I just remain silent for it, so feel free to leave comment and asnwer my boring question, thanks

This is my HOMEPAGE

1) Do you think the logo is interesting?
2) Which element will attract your motivation to click?


1) What do you think about the instruction and the displaying of my tutorial's photo?
2) Do you have any inconvenient on browsing ?


1) What do you think about the chat box?
2) Any suggestion for ...... anything sajalah


1) What do you think about the character?
2) What do you think the board beside the character ?

Sunday, March 22, 2009

ACGC Cosplay

Yesterday gone to visit ACGC cosplay at Tropicana City Mall, see a lot of interesting comic & game character. A lot of of new hot game also in promotion like Resident Evil 5(fuck I forget to try it >.<), new Street Fighter IV(Haha they r so serious to it and I am pity the game pad), Grand Turismo China War, and blabla a lot of them. Heres the photo being took:


ME and DANTE !!!!!!! My favorite game character !!!!!!Hahaha I like his costume, it's fucking awesome !!!! The photo quality is somehow dark and actually there's another photo of me holding his gun, but DUE to SOMEONE fault aa, didn't check the storage memory aa, purposely aa, fine fine ;D

Another photo took (from the right) which is Dr Stein, L and duno wat, but she's kind of pretty la

I don't really know what character is this ......... SOMEONE want to take photo with her but not dare to so...hahahha ;D

Other photo took to her, her real life view is more cute, haha.

This one too, liang moi group, although I don't know what character are

L and misa misa !!! The guy who cosplay L is pro, every single movement of him is just like L, and !! misa misa !! who holding the death note who has "Dr Stein" name inside....LOL

Our MM class cosplayer !!! Hani Suraya !!! hahaha...... with her sister, cosplaying digimon character

The ending ceremony, with all character dancing on stage. Raino from the FF Advent Children(the red hair guy) is getting pissed off because of his mistake peformance... lol

The SILENT HILL NURSE !! So clever aa her, wear the mask and can skipped the Q&A section, but her acting is really good and scary bah.

GOKU !!! The most interesting character of the whole cosplay !!! He's a only kid cosplayer and one of the winner of the cosplay !!!! I am really feel the power of father when his father support him so deeply while on the stage, and they took orange as a dragonball... LOL

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Second Assignment

Here's what I am gonna do with my project.

MoodBoard :


Thursday, January 15, 2009

Web Design 1st assignment

I am composing my blog again.......! Well for the assignment as well....

Firstly I want to share my 3 initial idea about the web project entitled " How to make....."

1st idea : Making a mask ( Experienced before)
2nd idea : Making a funny nose ? (or a fluffy toy...duno la)
3rd idea : Making a handycraft ( duno what yet)

Secondly is my tutorial web site research, below are the 4 screenshots:

The site known as ""
By looking at the site name, we should know that the site contains a lot of useful tutorial of photoshop which you can learn from there!
Comment : I like the composition and art direction of the site

The site known as ""
Yes.... another great web site which contains photoshop AND illustrator tutorials !
Comment : I like the color and the illustration of the site

The site known as ""
Do you like magic ? Pay a visit for the site to learn some magic tutorial which perform by the world known "mask magician" fantastically!
Comment : I like the graphic design and the gradient background of the site

The site known as ""
If you wish to learn or wish to create an awesome art piece, the site is a good start !
Comment : I like the idea and the composition of the site

Thirdly is my visual web site research, below are the 4 screenshots :

The site known as ""
The site is about the portfolio of a creative web designer who is known as Sam Marks
Comment : I like the composition and the color effect of the site

The site known as ""
The site is about the introduction of toy product of CrazyBones
Comment : I like the composition,art style and the color of the site

The site known as ""
One of my favorite site which contains a lot of flash submitted by various artist from world, you can submit your own flash here and get critic from others
Comment : I like the everything of the site !

The site known as ""
One of my favorite game site which contains a lot players from the world wide. The web site design has improved very much and somehow attract me greatly !
P.S. : For more detail of this , please check the previous post below there

Comment : I like the everything of the site, detail, style, color, and the icon too!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Runescape? Ever heard of it ?

Here I want to share one of my favorite online game - runescape. Yeah people say it suggx, because of the graphic and detail.Somehow I find it is interesting and fun to be play, it involved a lot of skill , and awesome thing is that you don't need to download a big source of file to play it.There's also no lagging problem because it's hosted by a lot of server in several country.

Now the detail and graphic and gained a lot of improvement, that looks really awesome, whether in the game or the web site. I also quite impressed by the design team of this game, especially the javascript designer, the script is well-designed and 99% you can't hack the game. I took some screenshot for the game and the web site: